International Conference on 3D Immersion 2021

Call for Papers

IC3D will be held either in-person at The Egg Brussels, located in the heart of the Capital of Belgium and the European Union; or virtually.

In the title of the conference, “immersion”, possibly qualified by “3D”, refers to the creation of depth and volume, in images and sound, with appropriate input and output means, for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR).
The conference covers, among others, the creation and capture of immersive content, novel 3D rendering techniques for ultra-realistic content (including
holography) and/or real-time rendering, as well as multi-camera systems and light field compression.

Paper reviews are double blind. Moreover, authors/co-authors that belong to the Organizing and/or Program Committee will not participate to the Best Paper Award selection committee.



The scope includes all possible signal processing in each conceivable, end-to-end 3D processing chain, e.g., capture of real 3D images and sound, their synthetic generation, pre-processing and scene modelling, as well as coding, transmission, storage, and postprocessing for visualization, sound spatialization and other forms of exploitation. IC3D also explores the many applications of 3D immersion, including in industry, engineering, R&D, design, maintenance, science, medicine, psychology, architecture, real estate, defence, communication, advertisement, culture, education, and entertainment.

These aspects will be covered over four thematic sessions:



While IC3D is a self-contained event, it is nevertheless seamlessly integrated into Stereopsia EUROPE, the World Immersion Forum. This umbrella event includes several components, including IC3D, thematic conferences, showcases, and an Awards Ceremony.
Stereopsia EUROPE will take place at The Egg Brussels on 8-10 Dec 2021.

As for all preceding editions, IC3D is expected to be technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society, and its proceedings to be archived in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

The Best Paper Award will be in the form of the reimbursment of the IC3D PASS.

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